Sunday, February 13, 2005

"Ms. Judy's Movie House" Reviews

So simple, but took a while to think of it. I'll be including my movie reviews here. Now you won't have to wade thru everything else just to see what movies I've seen. Does anyone even care? Maybe not? Maybe?

I'm curious to see how this page evolves. Some of my plans are to include catergories such as Quirky, Action, Comedy, Chick Flick, Spooky, etc.

Favorites will also be included. Or maybe even a "My Favorite Part of This Movie Was..." or "I Just Love This Part." One of those that just popped into my head was in "Overboard" when Goldie Hawn's amnesiac character realizes she can speak French. That cracks me up everytime I think about it!

At the least, I'd be able to check what I've already seen when I'm headed to Movie Gallery to rent something for the weekend. Not a happy moment when I bring home a dumb movie that we've already watched. Can you say "DUH?"

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